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Paths to Practice

Our unique Paths to Practice curricular approach at Pace Law provides students with a roadmap for pursuing their particular interest in law, with a focus on the knowledge and skills needed in practice.

Students have the opportunity to pursue an Advanced Certificate or Path to Practice in a variety of subjects that deepen their understanding of the field of legal practice.

Haub Law offers a path to practice curriculum, which provides a structure for students who know that they want to specialize in a particular area while they're in law school.

Helping students find the right path begins in the Office of Admissions when we're recruiting students meeting them for the first time, figuring out their interests, helping them develop a plan, we have a guide, and people who will help guide them through that process in terms of picking courses that are relevant, finding the internships and externships clinics that are related, and then getting them out into that workforce to kind of try it out see what they like and what they don't like. We allow students to start law school when they're ready, whether that be in the fall term, or in the spring term.

Our Flex JD scheduling option is part of our part-time program. And it offers flexibility to students who are working full-time and don't have that many evenings in the week where they can come to school.

I attend classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights and also on Saturday mornings. And that really just kind of breaks up the week, and lets me attend class in a way that I can manage also working full time.

We are one of the lowest tuitions in the tri-state area for a private law school. And that's a decision that is a conscious decision. We want students to be able to invest in their future and really follow their path. If that's a public interest path, we want to make sure that students are able to take those jobs and not be in a lot of debt. When it comes to their law school investment. We help provide information on the many different opportunities available in terms of scholarships, grants, and loan opportunities for students at the graduate level.

They supported me in finding my best path, because although I already knew that I wanted to study environmental law, there are many specializations that you can do here. All of this knowledge can I can bring it back to my home country, and maybe you know, do a positive change in the environmental law field.

Haub Law offers a tremendous experiential learning curriculum. There's simulations where students in a classroom, simulate a lawyer experience, get practice and feedback on that practice from the professor. We have several different externships where students are placed in a law office under the supervision of an actual lawyer and then we offer clinics where students under the supervision of a faculty member and pursuant to a practice order, represent their own clients and they get to see a client's matter through from beginning to end in several different areas of practice.