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At Pace Law, we combine rigorous classroom learning with practice-based learning opportunities.

And our students are taught by nationally recognized experts who are scholars in their fields.

Our students learn case law and then have the opportunity to apply it—through our robust offering of clinics, externships, and supervised field placements.

This “path to practice” curricular approach provides you with a roadmap for pursuing your particular interest in law, with a focus on the knowledge and skills you actually need to work in particular specialties and succeed in the workplace.

Pace Law is one of the most affordable private law schools in the New York City area.

Each admitted student is automatically considered for appropriate scholarships and grants. We work individually with students to evaluate their resources and needs.

Our culture is very much student centered. The approach to education is about mentorship and one on one connection. And that's just easier in a place that, number one, is small, and number two, is committed to that sort of mentoring relationship. We are about 40 minutes from New York City. So we're able to provide for a lot of different preferences in terms of where people want to be.

Pace Law School is one of the most affordable legal educations in the New York area in terms of private schools. We really work individually with every one of our admitted students. A student simply needs to apply to the law school to be considered for scholarship opportunities. We also target diversity grants for our students. We provide services right here in the admissions office. All of our counselors are able to help guide students through the process.

Any student who is thinking about law school should be thinking about where they're going to be after law school. And we put you where you need to be.