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Place Matters

Pace Law is ideally located for practice-engaged learning. We are situated just outside New York City, blocks away from federal and state courthouses, major law firms, and corporate headquarters.

Our students also have easy access to job and externship opportunities in Albany, Hartford, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

As the only law school between New York City and Albany, Pace Law enjoys a unique relationship with the law firms, judiciary, and corporations in this thriving regional economy.

Being in the heart of the nation’s most dynamic legal marketplace is a powerful advantage to our students—and it’s a terrific place to live and explore.  

  • 10-minute walk to downtown White Plains, home to businesses, law firms, and federal, state, and county courthouses and local agencies
  • 30 minutes to New York City
  • 20 minutes to the Hudson Valley

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Our geographic location is one of the most interesting things about Pace as, far as I'm concerned.

Pace Law is uniquely situated geographically in White Plains in lower Westchester County. We are the only law school between Albany and Manhattan.

Pace is really located in a sweet spot for the legal market. We have access, and send a majority of our classes, to post-grad work in New York City, which is the largest legal market in the world.

The location of Pace is absolutely ideal. The White Plains legal community is very large. And they are very interconnected with Pace. Even while they're here in law school, there are so many programs provided by the New York City Bar or the Federal Bar that students here can easily take advantage of.

When I first came to Pace, my first impression was you have the suburban feel, yet a downtown city environment. I think it helps the educational setting, allowing students to focus. The support here amongst Pace Law students is immense. I am so grateful that I have had that experience here.

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