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Nurturing Leaders

Pace Law’s faculty is comprised of exceptional scholars and practitioners in varied fields of practice.

The breadth and depth of our faculty enables us to offer hundreds of courses and seminars ranging from foundational issues in jurisprudence to cutting-edge questions that arise in the most sophisticated legal practices.

Above all, they are mentors who cultivate a student-centered environment.

For students exploring what type of law to practice, our faculty steer them in the direction best fitting their interests and ambitions.

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Our faculty is incredibly committed to the success of our students.

The faculty at Pace is very engaged and brings their real-world, past-work experience or current-work experience to the law school, made up of both practitioners and scholars.

Our student-to-faculty ratio is 14-to-1, so students are in relatively small classes. We don't have huge lecture halls.

We do something called Socratic Method. We ask a question and ask students to answer. There's active learning going on in the classroom.

We really pride ourselves on our community atmosphere and collaborative environment.

That collaboration helps them learn from each other, have that "aha" moment when they're teaching someone else. Or sometimes they need to hear it in a voice other than the professor's, and so they get to hear it from another student.

It allows students to get perspectives from legal scholars as well as more practical people who are coming from a practical workforce background.

We want to take people who aspire to be lawyers and make them lawyers.

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