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Path to Practice

Learning through real-world experience has been a critical part of our DNA from day one.

As one of the first schools to emphasize practical legal skills as a complement to theory, we offer a broad portfolio of clinics with a deep history of public service and commitment to social justice—students learn while advocating for clients and groups in need.


  • Barbara S. Salken Criminal Justice Clinic
  • Environmental Litigation Clinic
  • Disability Rights/Health Law Clinic
  • Food and Beverage Law Clinic
  • Immigration Justice Clinic
  • Investor Rights Clinic
  • Neighborhood Justice Clinic

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The Path to Practice curricular approach is about getting students out there soon, applying what they know. That includes externships, clinics, paid work.

We put students in the job of actually representing live people who have real problems in one of two places. One would be a clinic on campus or in a not-for-profit organization. Our school, of course, is well known for its environmental program. We have a number of centers. Students work in these centers. And they do all kinds of wonderful work.

This past summer, I was involved in the corporate externship. I was working with a supervising attorney. And we were drafting termination letters. I'm currently part of the Pace Investor Rights Clinic. Both experiences have taught me to know what to expect when I graduate.

There is no substitute for learning by doing. That's what clinics are about. That's what Pace is about.

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