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Location Matters

Pace Law is the only law school centered between New York City and one of the largest, most influential state capitals in the U.S. (Albany).

We are surrounded by federal, state, county and local courts, law firms, Fortune 100 companies, and entrepreneurial start-ups in and around the vibrant city of White Plains, making it the ideal location for practice-engaged learning.

Our location in White Plains, New York is kind of in a sweet spot between Albany and New York City. We are one of the only law schools in that area. So we really attract students from southern Connecticut, northern New Jersey, all the boroughs and upstate New York as well. That also provides for a great opportunity for internships and externships. While students are here, even during their semesters, it does not have to be just a summer opportunity. There is enough legal employment in the surrounding area to allow students to have those opportunities all year round.

In the city of White Plains. There's actually a lot of very important courthouses. You have some federal courthouses, you have some county courthouses, it is a major legal hub here in Westchester County, it's the county seat. It's one of the most important cities in the metro area.

Students who are looking for that part-time option, have easy accessibility. The White Plains location is easy to get to from Manhattan. And the fact that we have a campus is unique. A lot of students don't realize that until they visit many law schools can feel more like a corporate setting than a campus setting. And our location in White Plains is really the best of both worlds.

At Pace Law, since we're located in White Plains. We're very close to downtown area. So it's not just always about being here physically on campus, you're steps away from taking a break and going downtown and getting a cup of coffee or sightseeing on our downtown area.

I was very surprised about why planes had to offer it's very diverse has a variety of restaurants, a variety of nightlife, and entertainment and like it's living in a smaller city compared to New York City, but you still have that city vibe to it. And of course, it's very convenient to go anywhere at any time. And I feel very safe here too.

We are in the county seat of Westchester County, and within a few minutes walk to the law school you have the federal courthouse, the county buildings, the county courthouse, what's really important there is that we have forged great relationships. So now they're coming to our campus, and to host conferences. We are also the site for where the judicial Institute, the state of New York sits is the training college for judges in New York State is the only one of its kind in the entire state. So the relationships that we've been able to build and now people know Pace University, if you want to have a program, this is where we can have it. Many of our alums are involved in these conferences and programs and it's really, they want to come back. They want to be on site and making sure that students know yeah, you might think you're different, but this is what this person thought too 10 years ago and look at where they are. And then we connect them and they have conversation.

Seeing other students whether they're alumni or 3L's, 2L's be lawyers and be successful showed me that I could also do this as well.