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The Student Experience

Pace Law provides a truly supportive and collegial environment, with a variety of diverse student organizations to choose from.

Our vibrant campus offers a myriad of activities that promote leadership and professional development, as well as networking opportunities with members of the bench and bar, faculty, and alumni.

When I first stepped foot on campus, I didn't know anyone but the environment was so welcoming. And I knew that I wanted to be a part of that and be that for someone, which is why I, you know, wanted to be the Student Bar Association President because that's the role of the Student Bar Association. It's to uphold the quality of student life, it's to strengthen the culture here.

So as an entering student, I think it's very important that students understand the breadth of student organizations that we have. Right now, we have 32 active student organizations on campus. They range from student campus organizations of diversity through our Asian Law Students Association, our Black Law Students Association, LALSA, the DEI committee to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion-- but we also have the Women's Association of Law Students, OWL, the Older Wiser Law Students Association, for those returning to school with families, and significant work experience.

Coming to law school it was really important to me to find that, you know, organization, a group of people where I felt comfortable around. And for me that was LALSA. As a Puerto Rican American, there's not many Latin Americans that are in the legal field. So seeing other students, whether they're alumni, or 3Ls, 2Ls-- be lawyers and be successful, showed me that I could also do this as well. And it wasn't until I had that support system from LALSA so that I really felt that I could do this.

Every student here needs to be seen, heard and respected, and also seen for all the challenges that they're facing and that we might need to engage with them about challenges outside of the classroom so that they can really bring their whole selves into the classroom. We're not a law school that's going to let any student fall through the cracks. And we're also a law school and a student body that really prioritizes and centers, the wellness of its community.

Students pretty much have the opportunity as a 1L to live off-campus or on-campus. So I decided to live in on campus at Dannat Hall. And essentially that allowed me to meet a lot of new students as well, but really time manage and that's the most important thing that I experienced during 1L year.

Before law school, obviously, I was so scared because this is a new journey, right? And I was afraid that you know, I wouldn't have the support. But since day one, literally from orientation till now my 3L year, I've always had support. Every single time I would reach out to faculty to the administration, they're very responsive, they're willing to meet and take out the time out of their day to talk to me and you know, alleviate any fears or worries that I have.