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Trial Advocacy

Pace Law’s impressive trial advocacy and moot court programs help transform students into highly effective advocates and successful litigators.

Our program’s leadership and student success have earned the law school a significant reputation among the top schools nationwide.

We have a Comprehensive Advocacy Program. And what that means is that our mock trial skills, our appellate advocacy skills, arguing in front of a court on legal issues, our client counseling skills, interviewing negotiation, all of those areas fall under the Advocacy Program here at the law school.

So you've got highly motivated students. And you've got a highly motivated group of coaches, many of whom are alumni. And you bring those together and it makes magic.

Coming into Pace, I kind of knew that I wanted to prosecute, and I just got an offer to start as a Prosecutor, once I graduate. The courseload that I've taken, especially in my last two years, have allowed me to excel in my internships with the DA's offices.

It's made an incredible difference. Especially the Trial Ad classes, getting up on your feet and getting to practice talking to a jury and talking to a judge and making concise arguments. And I believe that it put me steps ahead of the other interns that I was with.

We have just been really winning all across the country. Not only did we turn out to be the number one team in the TransAtlantic National Competition, that we went overseas, and we're actually second in the world, and first in that. In our Vis Moot Court Competition, which is the largest international moot court competition, our team was amongst the top 10% of all teams.

In addition, our mock trial teams Inter-American and Puerto Rico, we won that competition. American Association of Justice we're finalists. All-Star Competition -- finalists. This year, we're going to the Tournament of Champions, that's only a few. Our BALSA team -- mock trial team -- has been national winners on a regular basis.

I think faculty can often look at you and see potential in you that you otherwise would never be able to recognize in yourself. That's what kind of made me want to get involved in the program. You kind of can achieve things that you might not otherwise believe that you could.

In my case, it allowed me to hone my negotiation skills. The coaches here I can tell you are amazing. They're willing to give of their time so freely to give you as much opportunity as they can. My team are some of the most important people to me, they became much more like my family.

What I loved when I was a student here was there was this big push toward the idea of this is a pathway to practice. I really started taking some of the simulation courses. I also did a clinical program for the Pro Bono Scholars Program, which is still offered. And that coupled with more of the hands-on experience that you get in Trial Ad, so you're getting actual papers that were filed in court to practice arguing bail applications, or motions, whatever class you might be in.

And now as a Senior Associate in my firm, that's what I look for, and that's why I continuously go back to Pace to look for potential hires. Because I know that if that student really took advantage of what Pace has to offer, I'm confident putting that student right in front of a client, right in front of the courtroom, right in front of a judge, because I know that they've had that experience and they're ready to go.