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Clinics & Externships

Pace Law students have many opportunities to gain practice-ready skills in our renowned clinics and centers, through internships and externships, and by participating in a variety of experiences outside the classroom.

John Jay Legal Services is the not-for-profit umbrella organization that houses and runs the clinics and externship programs at Pace. Students often tell me that the first thing they're asked about by potential employers and [inaudible] is their work in the clinic, and gives them a great opportunity to explain what they've done and the experience they've had and that they're ready to hit the ground running.

We offer a lot of different clinics. I Clinic is the Environmental Litigation Clinic. And so if you're someone who's interested in litigation and environmental law, you can get that kind of hands-on experience with me and my clinic.

We also have clinics in a lot of different fields. We have an Immigration Law Clinic, we have Investors Rights Clinics, we have prosecutorial and we have defense-oriented clinics and externships. A student can become actively involved in real litigation in real courts, in whatever field they happen to be interested in.

I've learned a little bit of each area of law and honestly everything that I've done, which includes both clinics, internships, externships, I've enjoyed all of it. So no matter what field I go into, I feel confident because of the skills that I've acquired.

So being located in White Plains has a number of advantages. We are just 25 minutes by train from New York City and New York City is obviously the legal center of the country. And we are close enough to be able to commute there on a daily basis. You can do externships there. You can work for firms there. But White Plains in and of itself also is a pretty thriving legal market.

The name of my firm is Fairbridge Asset Management. We're an asset management company located in White Plains. We manage several different debt and equity funds nationally. And we chose White Plains because of its strategic location to the tri-state area. We're in New York City within 35-40 minutes.

And in White Plains, where all the action is we're constantly recruiting from Pace Law School. And obviously, as an alumni and as an Adjunct Professor, Pace gave me the knowledge and foundation to get recruited to a top international law firm.

And at the same time also instilled in me the intellectual passion to venture out on my own and create my own company. I consistently look for that drive in students. Whenever we're looking to hire a student and I know they're from Pace, I immediately know that that student has a particular drive.

Students often tell me that they are practice ready on day one. They can walk into their law firm or wherever they're working and ready to go. They've learned those skills in the clinic. They've already been a lawyer, acted as a lawyer, and so they feel confident and ready to go when they start working.