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Graduate Programs

Pace Law provides LLM, SJD, and other graduate-level programs that give students the opportunity to gain a more in depth understanding of their field of law, with the option for several specializations according to their particular interests and goals.

At Haub Law, we offer three different degrees. We offer a JD program, we offer LLM degrees and we offer an SJD degree. And those all depend on what level and your professional career you're at.

LLM degrees, they are Masters of Law. This is for students who after a JD may want to pursue additional studies in the topic of environmental law.

You can follow like, for example, the general track, or you can also specialize. There is land use law, climate change and energy law. And it's also a global environmental law. That is the one that I chose. I'm already a lawyer in my home country. And I'm doing this as, as specialization.

And in addition, we offer for foreign attorneys, the comparative legal studies.

One of my, my goals here is to practice tax law. I'm pursuing an LLM in comparative legal study. I'm going to take the bar and then [inaudible] next year. Pace University support me 100%. I had no idea how the FAFSA works. I had no idea how the Bursar Office work. I had no idea how the scholarship works here. So I had a lot of questions. And they were there always to answer my question in a prompt time.

I have other colleagues from all over the world that have different cultural values.

I have a classmate from Germany, from [inaudible], France, Peru, Brazil. It's amazing how all the students support each other.

They're also lawyers and professionals in their home country. We're exchanging ideas and learning and doing the LLM together.

Our location in White Plains is really the best of both worlds. You're near a huge city, Manhattan. And here in White Plains, we're actually surrounded by the same just on a smaller scale. Students can work part-time in the area. They can go out and have a good time. They can have legal jobs right here. There is a federal courthouse in White Plains. 10 minutes away from school. We offer a full campus including a residence hall

If you're looking to pursue another step in your career, I think this is an excellent opportunity. Pace University is number one in environmental law nationally, and it's also very renowned worldwide. At the University of Buenos Aires, two of my professors recommended study here. You will be mentored by renowned professionals and scholars that are leaders in the area that you're studying. This an excellent opportunity to think out of the box to break the ice and to have an adventurous experience while studying.