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Student Success

From our Office of Academic Success to our Center for Career and Professional Development, Pace Law is committed to helping our students succeed in law school and beyond.

From skills training, career guidance and mentoring, to internship opportunities and job placements, we support students to find the professional path that’s right for them.

I think the first year of law school from my experience was very scary. But I really appreciated coming in and having people I could reach out to. And one of the things I appreciated the most was having Dean Scholars for my classes, which is something that I'm now a part of that Pace.

A Dean Scholar is a student who basically got an A in the class, and now is, for all intents and purposes, tutoring the whole class along with the teacher. It helps you build the knowledge base, but also, it teaches you how they're doing their outline and how they're showing it to you so that you can mirror that. And if you didn't have those skills before you build them.

Well, we pride ourselves on being very student-centered. And so we create a community that's very nurturing and supportive, as opposed to competitive and cutthroat.

Pace has an entire Academic Success department that is structured to help students succeed, both in law school and after law school. In the first year, they really kind of guide students with helping them outline, learn how to take a law school class, and then later on, they're still available.

I think everybody goes to law school, and the end goal is taking the Bar Exam. And it's this really kind of daunting thing. But Pace, kind of through its Academic Success Program has set up many opportunities to prepare you to take the Bar Exam. And overall, they just are always available for whenever you need a little bit of support.

So the Center for Career and Professional Development is kind of a full-service office for our students. We meet with our students, within about a month or two of them arriving to get a sense of their goals, and really start to get their application materials ready. You know, resume review, working on cover letters, we really help them develop a really strong packet of application materials.

The other thing that we offer to students throughout their time in law school is interview preparation. And I think that that's one of the things that students often tell us is the most valuable service that we offer. We know a lot of the employers that the students will be interviewing with, and we know how they interview, we know the kinds of questions they might ask, and we know how students should be shaping their answers. And so doing that work individually is really, really helpful to students.

The Public Interest Law Center works hand-in-hand with the Center for Career and Professional Development, where those advisors along with our center are helping students to pursue opportunities. So whereas some of their focus is on law firms and corporations and other private sector employers, while also supporting our work for students who are interested in public service careers, our focus is helping students find public service opportunities.