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Our Faculty

Pace Law’s exceptional faculty are scholars, practitioners and mentors who cultivate a student-centered environment both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our professors are accessible to students, providing practical advice, career guidance and opportunities to collaborate on research and advocacy projects.

Faculty here at the law school uses a variety of teaching methods to reach the various kinds of learners that are out in the world. And, really, we have such a wide variety that you wouldn't get the same kind of teaching in any one classroom, depending on who's your professor.

I think our students are like all of us, they want to be seen, and they want to be heard, and they want to be respected. And the giving of that -- which I think our faculty gives a great deal -- means that we get all of that in return, and more.

And it's that sort of mutual relationship that I think keeps the learning exciting for all of us. We enjoy a really small student-faculty ratio here at Pace Law School. And I think that's significant and really affects the students' experience in meaningful ways.

I think the faculty offer a lot of support to you incoming first-year. As I remember, my first-year professors made themselves available whenever we needed them and kind of held your hand in a very much needed a way.

Our faculty is also so respected in their fields and are making a real impact in policy and in real-world issues on the issues that they write about, and that they teach about.

Professors who incorporate their practice into the classroom and like, what they, what they've done. If they're still practicing or not, they mentor us on what we should expect when we do become practicing lawyers. By taking courses where we have actual mock trials in class. You see how it would be like to be a real lawyer.

There's a lot of opportunities to collaborate with professors. I am currently a Research Assistant for one of the professors and we're working on something that they are writing to publish in a journal for a competition. And so you kind of learn this new area of law but you also kind of learn how to approach more difficult issues and get better at research and writing and footnotes and all these things.

Part of our job as professors is to really help students see themselves the way that we see them and so often, we are able to see incredible potential as scholars, as teachers, as litigators, as advocates. It's one of the most rewarding and satisfying parts of the job.